SMASH, the smart sharing solution by Greenspider, is the unique solution

Alessandro Cantore, CEO, Greenspider

In the next future the vehicle sharing will be more open, expandable.
It will involve innovative vehicles, and will extend outside the center of the cities.
SMASH technology enables this vision. It transforms the user smartphone in the access key, for a huge explandable set of vehicles and sharable mobility resources.
SMASH includes a IoT device, that also works as “Blockchain oracle” that can be installed in vehicles, cars, scooter, eBikes, parking stations, and makes the vehicles intelligent and connected.
By the SMASH App, the user can see the position of all the sharable resources, aggregated on the same map.
All the events of the sharing experience are traced on the blockchain, with certified identity, timestamps, positiong; This enables easy and secure smart contracts between the two peers: the provider and the user of shared resources.
The payment method is innovative and distruptive; the SMASH Token.
You pay a defined amount of SMASH token whenever for the time you use a shared object.
If you are a provider, you earn SMASHToken everytime someone is using your vehicles, your fleet, or your stations. SMASH is the point of contact between demand and offer of shared mobility, and it provides a big convenience for the global community.